I am Laura Ingalls Wilder


I am Laura Ingalls Wilder.  I have been practicing since I was a Half-Pint.

My personal Laura-hood began on a childhood road trip during which took my family through a rural area.  In real life we traveled the road flanked by corn fields at night, and, of course,in Laura-life Pa would have already halted the wagon for the day and the horses would be long-settled.  There was something thrilling, though, about being someone other than myself, especially in the delicious dark of the backseat.

Likely not long after, my sister and I spent a summer devoted to the Little House television series.  That summer we were also absorbed by our dollhouses, and, in particular, a small doll who resided in said dollhouses.  She wore a ruffled peach dress, a petticoat, and pantalons, and her porcelain face was framed by yellow ringlets.  Naturally, she was our Nellie Oleson and a leading character in the live-action fan fiction we performed every summer morning.  She was wicked, and, to be honest, more fun to personify than the honest, earnest Laura.

I reached the apogee of my Laura-hood at age eleven, when I stepped out in prairie garb for Halloween: a gingham dress covered by a pinafore, braids, a lunch pail and slate, and a bonnet to protect my face from the unforgiving sun (photo forthcoming).  This costume required a fair degree of explanation, which was nothing new, the previous year having been the Year of Betsy Ross.  I was the sixth grader, who, if life as Laura didn’t pan out, planned to pursue a career in historical interpretation.  In costume, of course.

As an adult I have established homesteads across the country, I have been a teacher, I am a writer.  I am still Laura.

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